Product Roadmap

Our dedicated team of designers and developers are working to make Solomon even better, all the time. Here's a look at some of the things we're working on right now.


New & Improved Levy Payer Portal

Now in testing, this new feature will enhance the Solomon welcome experience for levy payers and make it easier for them to navigate their way through the information and content BID team's curate.

Directory - with super powers!

We are working on major piece of work that will integrate the Directory and Search tools to create a single portal for users to find and manage Business records. This will include a powerful toolset for tagging, grouping, filtering, bulk editing and exporting your data.

Timeline - a new way to levy payers to find out what the BID is doing for them

We are overhauling the way levy payers see what the BID is doing for them. The current itemised bill format will be replaced by a timeline that includes all Jobs and Interactions, along with any other activities the BID team adds, in chronological order.

Businesses can see how much levy they pay per Hereditament and what value they have got back from the BID.  

Resizable Stories

A long awaited feature, users can now select from a number of Story sizes in order to make best use of the space on each dashboard.

Even More Integrations

Solomon already integrates with third party data sources including Springboard (footfall), Strata (The Welcome People), TransportAPI, Twitter, MetOffice and YouTube, as well as providing an easy way to add RSS and other feeds. We're currently looking at additional integrations covering crime, parking, city bikes, waste, retail statistics and more.