Business Improvement Districts, Town Centre Management teams and other people involved in place-making spend too much of their time managing data instead of doing.

Having access to quality data is key for place management teams. Often, that data comes from a number of sources which need to be synchronised on a regular basis.

Take National Non-domestic Rates (NNDR) for example. Each local authority maintains a list of hereditaments and the parties liable for paying business rates. As businesses move and change, and as new hereditaments are created, this data changes.

Today, most place managers maintain this data by wading through spreadsheets and manually updating records to ensure everything is in sync. It’s time-consuming work and as soon as it’s finished their data is already out-of-date.

We’ve solved this problem with Solomon. Our software incorporates a central database that allows place management teams to consolidate, store, share and get value from data.
Solomon can consume data from almost any source.

For example, NNDR data can be grabbed from the web or uploaded in spreadsheets; Solomon then automatically imports and updates the records. New hereditaments are created and flagged for the place manager’s attention. Existing records, including liable party details are updated. Finally, a link is created to a business record where all the information generated by a place management team is stored.

Less work for you and your team. More time for doing.