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Say hello to Solomon V2


One of the three big challenges LeedsBID gave our team back in January 2017 when our journey into BID Land began was, "create a giant spreadsheet in the cloud."

With only a month to deliver something the team in Leeds could use to start organising their data, we had to be practical and pick something that already existed to work with. After some pretty intensive research we settled on AirTable; a new kid on the block and a spreadsheet-database hybrid with some awesome superpowers. For over a year, AirTable did the job but as more BIDs joined Solomon, and the volume of data they collected began to swell, cracks appeared. By the end of December 2016, we decided "enough is enough" and began planning something that would eventually replace AirTable, native to the Solomon platform and accessible within the same interface as our other great features. We decided to call it Directory

We also had a backlog of feature requests and suggested improvements that we wanted to deliver along side the launch of the Directory. 

In January 2017, our team of four engineers (Nate, Ste, Michal and Jack) and one designer (Joel) started work on what became our biggest development project so far. For nine months, they have poured everything they've got into their work and the result is Solomon V2, which we are pleased to be launching today.

It would be too much to list all the improvements we're rolling with V2, so I'm going to summarise some of the major changes:

New Layout


We pride ourselves on Solomon's usability and the new and better-organised layout makes it easier than ever for users to find their way around. 


The ultimate transparency tool: add activities to each business's timeline, giving them visibility on all the value you are adding.


Total control of your data, right inside Solomon. Manage, tag, sort, filter and export your data on-demand. Log everything you do to benefit your members. 

Votes and Ballot Insights

Our new Vote records mean you can track voting intentions and the Ballot Insights report helps you to forecast the outcome.

What next?

You'd think that, after nine-months working at full steam, we'd be ready for a long break. Wrong answer! We've got loads of ideas for great new features and we're diving right back in.

We're ALWAYS open to new ideas! Please use the live chat facility to feedback your suggestions and feature requests.

We'll spend the next fortnight reviewing all the options, and listening to our customers' priorities. After that, we will be publishing a public roadmap detailing what we're working on and when you should expect to see new features landing. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter (below) for the latest news.