Our Software

Thank you for using Solomon. We aim to make local intelligence personal and easy and to provide you with tools to manage and extract value from your data.

We believe that great software and technology can work together to help BIDs thrive. We are committed to following and evolving best practices to support this goal. This document describes what the Solomon BID software does and is part of a family of documents that includes support, privacy and backup policies. If there is something missing, please contact us directly and we will provide the information you need: support@mysolomon.co.uk.

Last Updated: 5 December 2016


Our Software, Solomon BID, has been developed in partnership with LeedsBID and aims to make it easy for BIDs of all sizes to extract value from data, for the benefit of their businesses and teams. Key features include:

  • A single version of the truth- a central database for the BID.  It can be synced with local authority rates data to easily maintain a list of hereditaments and billing accounts, around which the BID team can manage business information and contacts details;
  • A Customer Relationship Management system, designed specifically for BIDs - a set of tools for managing relationships and tracing activities like business visits and jobs;
  • Birds eye view reporting - a set of tools that allow executives to slice and dice data to better understand the make up of the BID
  • An itemised bill for every levy payer - a secure way for each levy paying business to access details about what impact the BID has had for them;
  • Shared noticeboards - self service dashboards allow BID teams and businesses to easily share information online.  Users can create an unlimited number of dashboards around issues and topics that matter to them and their colleagues; and
  • Realtime intelligence dashboards - Solomon can connect to almost any source of data, providing a go-to knowledge-base for BIDs and businesses. In Leeds and  other BIDs, this includes live parking occupancy, footfall, Open Data and more.

How We Deal With Feature Requests

Solomon BID is a living product with a dedicated team of designers and developers working on new features and improvements. We welcome all suggestions for how to make our product and services better. Please contact us via our Live Chat facility or send an email to our team: support@mysolomon.co.uk