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We are an award-winning technology company, helping place makers and managers, and their teams, to cut through complex problems, with powerful software solutions that are intuitive and affordable.

Our dedicated engineering and application support teams have been working at the leading edge of web technology for the last 20 years. Their vast knowledge ensures high-performance solutions that scale and evolve as the horizon changes.

In each of the markets we serve, our product and business development teams are represented by experts with exhaustive industry experience. Their insights and relationships ensure Solomon products and services remain on the pulse of what our customers need.

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    Sectors we work with.

    Town Centre Management

    Place Management

    Destination Marketing

    Shopping Centres

    Local Government

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    Tailored Solutions

    What we do.

    We sell a suite of software applications for place making organisations who recognise the importance of data-driven intelligence, to their teams and customers.

    Many organisations are battling outmoded ways of collecting, organising and extracting value from the information that surrounds them. By unlocking and integrating data, and providing intuitive software solutions, we help our customers to work smarter, share knowledge and communicate success.

    We believe strongly that every person should be able to use our software without the need for specialist knowledge or training. We’ve spent years listening to our customers and designing user experiences that engage and empower, regardless of background or ability.

    Our Software.

    Solomon represents the very best that modern web technologies have to offer. Launched in 2019, the third generation of our platform is fast and flexible. We take a modular approach to software development. This means that every new project benefits from an ecosystem of existing tools and features, resulting in fast delivery and great affordability.

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